Student comments

“My experience at INESLE Madrid has been an unforgettable one. In a matter of 4 weeks, I was able to immerse myself in a cultural and educational experience that has helped me to feel not only more confident with my linguistic abilities, but also with my views on world politics, mass culture and more. This has been a trip of discovery and quite frankly, I have completely fallen in love with this country. I couldn´t be more grateful to everyone who helped to make my time here all that it was”.
Monika Cepeda
Phillips Academy Andover (Andover, MA)
“My experience at INESLE Madrid has been incredible. The relationships that I have built and made are something I will remember and cherish for the rest of my life. My family was amazing and wonderful, and they made my time in here unique. This program has impacted my life and changed me in many ways, and I am happy that I have been a part of it”.
Deborah Carreno
Trinity Valley School (Fort Worth, TX)
“My experience at INESLE Madrid has been great and I am incredibly grateful for this opportunity. I got to meet a lot of new people, try amazing new food and learn a lot about Spain and its culture. Looking back, this trip is going to be a memory that I will cherish forever”.
Victor Mvemba
Phillips Academy Andover (Andover, MA)
“I absolutely loved the cultural trips around Madrid and Spain. I especially appreciated the tours, as while we were enjoying access to some of Spain's most impressive locations, art, and architecture, we were still immersed in the Spanish language”.
Nina Gaither
Horace Mann School (New York City, NY)
“This program has been one of the most amazing experiences I have been a part of. Every day has surprised me by teaching me so much about Spanish culture and history, while still being a ton of fun. The people that I have met here have all been wonderful and being able to learn so much about Spain with them was incredible”. “Inesle absolutely blew away all expectations that I had going into it, and throughout my time in the program I found myself loving Spain more and more everyday. The people, the culture, the food, the history, the experiences, and pretty much everything else that I got to do during my time in Spain was amazing, and I will forever cherish the memories and friendships I made during my time in Spain.”
Henrique Chamon, 15
Phillips Academy Andover (Andover, MA)
“This program has been amazing. The programming INESLE provides through classes and excursions is fun and educational, and some of the best memories have been made by going out with my family and experiencing Spain from the point of view, not of a student, but as a teenager enjoying their summer”.
Matthew Suri
Phillips Academy Andover (Andover, MA)
“I have had a lot of fun in my time at INESLE Madrid. I felt that I was truly welcomed by my host family and that they gave me a window into what it is like to live in Spain. All the instructors provided support, I had a lot of fun during the trips that we took throughout Spain, and I felt that I made a lot of friends. My time at INESLE has given me a memorable experience and I am really thankful for that”.
Bryan Jiménez Flores
Phillips Academy Andover (Andover, MA)
“I´ve enjoyed a wonderful time at INESLE. My host family has been incredible. They made me feel right at home. I couldn't have asked for a better hosting experience. I also made so many new friends from both Spain and America. We´ve been through so much together that it feels like a family”.
Peike (Pedro) Wu, 16
Phillips Academy Andover (Andover, MA)
“I loved my experience here. All the classes were really helpful, and I feel like I really improved my Spanish. My host family was really welcoming to me and made a big effort to me feel comfortable so far away from home. I have made so many great friends here, both American and Spanish, and I hope I am able to stay in touch”.
Courtney Sanders, 15
Phillips Academy Andover (Andover, MA)
“I am extremely happy I was able to participate in INESLE. I made a lot of new friends and developed some friendships I already had. It was a great way to learn Spanish, and I feel that I have improved a lot. My family was very nice at all times and they made my experience very enjoyable. I would recommend it to anyone interested in Spanish or in Spain”.
David O´Brien, 16
Phillips Academy Andover (Andover, MA)
“Gracias por todo. Tuve un tiempo increíble con INESLE y escribí unas palabras para describirlo. De nuevo, gracias. INESLE Madrid was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. Over the span of one month, I was able to fully immerse myself in Spanish culture— whether it was cooking paella in the classroom or exploring Burgos with my host family. We went on fun excursions after school, such as the Camino de Santiago and visiting Toledo. In addition, my fluency in Spanish greatly improved during the trip, and I am excited to continue practicing at my high school. All of the teachers and Spanish students were encouraging and helped me become more proficient with my pronunciation and grammar. Most importantly, I met an incredible group of Americans and Spaniards that welcomed me with open arms. From day one, my host family took me in and treated me like a son. We went to many family celebrations and trips together. Furthermore, the students in the program were funny, enthusiastic, and kind. I will never forget the love, laughter, and memories that we all shared together during this incredible month. I certainly hope to return to Spain and the program in the future. ¡Tenga un buen verano!
Phillips Academy (Andover, Massachusetts)
Before arriving in Spain, I couldn’t help but harbor some reservations. This trip to Madrid has been my 3rd visit to Spain, however, I couldn’t help feeling nervous and anxious to spend a month in a foreign country. I assumed that it would be hard to have genuine friendships with Spanish kids, as I was overwhelmed with the differences I perceived within the two cultures. “Not only has being in this program improved my Spanish so much, but I got to learn and know Spanish culture: its people, food, and customs. Everyone was so friendly, and I made international friends! I had a lot of laughs and smiles, are definitely lots of learning opportunities. I can’t express how beneficial living in Spain was as an opportunity to improve my Spanish. Much love to INESLE!” Thanks.
Newport High School (Bellevue, Washington)
“I had an amazing experience with INESLE and made friends and memories to last a lifetime. I improved my Spanish through immersion in Madrid's vibrant culture and my interactions with my host family. My favorite part was the Camino del Santiago, which was an exciting adventure through rural Spain, I enjoyed the chance to be out in nature and admire the Spanish countryside, and the 30-kilometer hike left me feeling energized and proud of my physical accomplishment. Thanks”
Phillips Academy (Andover, Massachusetts)
“My experience with INESLE Madrid has been incredible and has had a lasting impact on my life. I have made friends from all over that I am still in contact with and would love to visit again, I have a broader knowledge of global history from the classes and excursions in INESLE and my Spanish has improved dramatically from before the trip, even after having spoken it for 13 years now. It was a trip i will never forget and I made so many lasting memories. I hope as many people as possible take this wonderful opportunity to get to know a new part of the world. Gracias a todos de INESLE que hacen que este programa sea posible, (¡especialmente Carlos!) Thank you”
Sammamish High School (Belleview, Washington)
“I had an amazing time with INESLE in Madrid. All of the teachers and staff were so nice and welcoming, and they helped my Spanish grow more than I thought possible. I would definitely recommend this program to any student who would like to improve their Spanish language skills and, at the same time, become immersed in authentic Spanish culture.”
Andover High School (Andover, Massachusetts)
“I had a lot of fun visiting the castles and exploring cities that I never thought I’d get the chance to see. I also enjoyed creating new friendships with people from Spain, America, and France.“
Newport High School – (Bellevue, Washington)
INESLE Madrid was an experience that I will remember for the rest of my life. My host family was better than I could have hoped for and in only a month they became family to me. Before INESLE, I was barely conversational in Spanish. Now, I am confident in speaking, understanding, reading and writing. The cultural excursions that I was taken on were as important to me as the time spent in the classroom. I learned a lot about Spanish culture, which made me appreciate Spain even more. I made many American and Spanish friends through the program that I still keep in touch with today. The connections I made in Spain are some that I will keep forever. Through INESLE, I was able to learn about language, culture and friendship. The experience was nothing short of amazing. I only have fond memories of my stay in Spain, and hope to be able to return soon!
Jordan Davidson
Phillips Exeter Academy - Exeter, NH
"INESLE was a transforming experience. Taking spanish in school, I had always learned about Spain and my desire to go there grew with each passing year. When I found out about INESLE, I was thrilled because I had finally found the opportunity to travel to Spain. What I will remember the most about my time is not how to conjugate verbs in the imperfect subjunctive form, but what I learned about myself through immersion in the Spanish culture. My host family opened up their lives and home to me so I could live as a Spaniard. Although I got to see all of the museums and landmarks, what I value more is the personal aspect of Spanish life that I got to experience. Through my time in Spain, I was able to explore new types of foods and meet Spaniards that although I often had difficulty talking to, were the best part of the trip. I formed friendships with people from a foreign culture but we got along like brothers. I learned that you can never fully experience a language without experiencing the culture that comes along with it. I am truly blessed to have gotten the opportunity to pursue a language I love in its native setting and live the life of a Spaniard for 30 days."
Nicholas Kim
Phillips Academy - Andover, MA
INESLE me ha dado muchas oportunidades. No sólo he ampliado mi conocimiento de la gramática española y la cultura de España, sino que también he hecho muchos amigos. En INESLE he encontrado algunas de las personas más amables, más talentosas e inteligentes que he conocido y me siento muy afortunada por ello. Por encima de todo, INESLE ha cambiado mi punto de vista. Para mí, el español ya no es sólo otro tema escolar, sino que el español sirve como puerta de entrada para formar maravillosas amistades y experiencias.
Angel Cleare
Phillips Academy - Andover, MA
Through the INESLE program, I was able to improve my Spanish skills in reading, writing, comprehension, and speaking. Classes were taught exclusively in Spanish, and sticking to the program's “no English” policy allowed me to truly develop my fluency in the Spanish language. I was so happy throughout my time in the program, and I am still proud to see how much my Spanish improved this summer. It was a great experience for my personal development as well, as I learned to live in a new place and adapt to a new culture. I loved my host family, and I am grateful for the amazing summer I had. I will always treasure the INESLE experience, and I'm excited to hopefully return as a teacher and keep in touch with the friends I made during the program.
Arabella Adams
Regina Dominican High School - Chicago, IL
INESLE Madrid has been the highlight of my summer! I have learned a lot of grammar during the daily classes with Sylvia, and I have improved my speaking abilities thanks to the Spanish only rule. My understanding of the daily excursions was furthered because of Rubin’s classes. They were all very interesting and I now have a different outlook on Spanish painters and a firmer grasp on the history. I’m very grateful to my host family for taking me in like one of their own, and sharing their lifestyle and culture with me. The Spanish host kids in INESLE could not have been more welcoming and accepting. Many thanks to all who made INESLE possible!
Isabella Chambers
The Brearley School - New York, NY
The INESLE Madrid program was an incredible opportunity and experience. I learned so much and felt myself progress in both speaking and understanding as the month went by. What I love most about INESLE is the way that it stands out from any other Spanish immersion program. Not only does the program incorporate historic and grammatical aspects of the language and culture in the classroom, it also provides students with a chance to experience it first hand through the sightseeing and interaction with people from the community. Putting oneself forward into an entirely different culture is much more valuable and rewarding than sitting in a classroom learning about the cultural differences. INESLE Madrid channels this idea and enhances a student’s ability to fully learn and connect with those around them. INESLE Madrid unites students who love the Spanish language from all over the world and pairs them with students and families whom are also equally passionate about the English language. Together, the bond created between American and Spanish host siblings is something extraordinary. From being complete strangers who live across the world from each other, to practically real brothers or sisters. We learned to help each other in our respective classes, her helping me with Spanish and I would help her with English. The experience with staying with a host family was more than I could hope for; I felt included as if I were a real member. Also, it was a great to see the differences in lifestyle. Lastly, the excursions we went on were all absolutely gorgeous; from the cathedrals to the stadium. I also loved the day trips to Segovia and Toledo where the view was magnificent and the history behind each and every place is fascinating. The Camino de Santiago was also an amazing opportunity. Although it was very tiring and the increasing soreness following the day after, I would have to say it was one of my favorite parts of the program. Throughout these 4 days on the walk, I learned a lot of things about my classmates in the program that I never knew. The Camino is a walk that bonds many people together because of the things we all see and the calming sounds of nature. I really enjoyed the program and I met such a great group of people including teachers, monitors, and students. I will cherish all the memories made and will forever be thankful for the opportunity to travel Spain and to fully immerse myself into the culture. I hope that someday I will be able to return, and I know that when I do, I will see my friends again.
Jessica Siu
Andover High School - Andover, MA
INESLE was an amazing experience. The classes were engaging and fun. In the classes, we played games to practice vocabulary and even cooked paella one day. I learned lots of new expressions and grammar, as well as a lot about the culture of Spain. The trips in the afternoon were also really fun. My favorite trips were to the cities Toledo and Segovia. I also loved the Camino de Santiago, because throughout the Camino I got to talk to lots of new people, and made lots of new friends. The best part of INESLE was definitely the people. My host family was incredibly welcoming, generous and kind. They made me feel like part of the family as soon as I met them in the airport. Everyone I met throughout the month of July; teachers, kids and parents alike, was very nice. I was nervous to leave my family for a whole month at first, but as soon as I got to Spain I met amazing people that began to feel like family within just a couple days.
Kaleigh Lyons
Pingree School- Hamilton, MA
Before arriving in Spain I couldn’t help but harbor some reservations. This trip to Madrid has been my 3rd visit to Spain, however, I couldn’t help feeling nervous and anxious to spend a month in a foreign country. I assumed that it would be hard to have genuine friendships with Spanish kids, as I was overwhelmed with the differences I perceived within the two cultures. Of course it was difficult to become accustomed to daily life in a foreign country. As an American, it was very strange and at first uncomfortable to eat dinner at 10pm. But after coming to the realization that this was just part of Spanish culture, I eventually learned to enjoy and see the value in a later meal schedule. I am so grateful that I had an amazing host family that gave me endless, genuine support to my transition into Spanish culture. In the beginning of the program it was very easy and tempting to stay in groups of American kids. It was comfortable. However, through the wonderfully designed program, Spanish and American kids were able to get past their differences and see the similarities they shared. As I became more open to Spanish culture, I began to realize that Spanish kids were just like me. Through shared interests in normal teenage things like sports and music, I was able to make many great Spanish friends. As I am writing this now, weeks later, I still keep in touch with people I met during this program. In this month, I saw the power that language has in unifying people of seemingly polar backgrounds. INESLE helped me take my Spanish ability to places I never would have dreamt possible. I was able to take what I learned in my though-provoking and informative classes and practice it with my family, Spanish friends, or whomever I needed to communicate with. By the end of my month long stay in Spain, I was able to seamlessly have philosophic conversations with Spaniards. INESLE taught me more than just how to speak Spanish. By spending a month immersed in Spanish culture, I gained a new perspective about the world. Although it may not be easy to realize, we share this world with billions of other people from distinct cultures. From all my amazing experiences in Spain, I truly feel like I am a global citizen, connected to this world with frankly more similarities than differences. I can’t thank the directors, teachers, host families, and Spanish students of INESLE enough for giving me one of the most fun and transformative experiences of my life. ¡Que nos veamos pronto!
Evan Park
Phillips Academy (Andover, Massachusetts)
INESLE was an incredible experience that I never thought I would have the courage to participate in. I am so glad that I pushed myself to go, because it was without a doubt, one of the best experiences of my life. I met so many new friends, my Spanish improved significantly, and my self-confidence soared. While the first week of the program was very difficult emotionally for me, everyone was so supportive and welcoming, and helped me through until I was laughing and smiling constantly. Funnily enough, upon returning to the US, I felt a strange sense of "homesickness" and longing to be back with my incredible host family. I loved the Spanish classes, "one-on-one" conversations, eye-opening excursions, and the fabulous memories intertwined throughout the entire trip. INESLE has made me grow as a person and improve my self-esteem, and this is something that I will never forget and will always be grateful for. I want to thank everyone in INESLE for all they have given me. It was truly a remarkable and incredible month. Muchas gracias,
Sosha Stecher
Andover High School (Andover, Massachusetts)
Participando en INESLE era una experiencia asombrosa para mí y un gran manera para pasar mi verano. Al principio del programa, era difícil para hablar solo en español u me preocupé que no estaba preparado para hablar y vivir en un país extranjero por un mes, pero al final yo podía escribir y dar un discurso en español en frente de profesores, compañeros, y padres en la ceremonia de clausura. Durante mi tiempo en el programa, aprendí mucho sobre español y mejoré mis habilidades. También, podía sumergirme en la cultura de España a través de excursiones increíbles y pasando tiempo como mi familia anfitriona. Me gustó mucho visitar los sitios famosos de Madrid, Segovia, Toledo, y el Camino de Santiago. Durante estas experiencias, me volví más cercana a mi hermana anfitriona, sus amigos, y mis amigos americanos nuevos. Todas las personas que yo conocí durante INESLE, incluyendo mis amigos, mi familia anfitriona, profesores, y directores eran amables, cariñosos, y comprensivos. Nunca he hecho nada como INESLE, pero mi primera experiencia era asombrosa y nunca la olvidaré. Me permitió crecer como persona y ensanchar mis conocimientos de otras culturas y partes del mundo. Es increíble que hemos tenido esta experiencia en una edad joven, y soy muy agradecido. Muchísimas gracias a todos por darme esta oportunidad.
Participating in INESLE was an amazing experience for me and a great way to spend my summer. At the beginning of the program, it was hard to speak only Spanish and I worried that I wasn't prepared to speak and live in a foreign country for a month, but by the end I was able to write and give a speech in Spanish in front of teachers, classmates, and parents at the closing ceremony. During my time in the program, I learned a lot about Spanish and greatly improved my skills. I was also able to immerse myself in the culture of Spain through incredible excursions and spending time with my amazing host family. I really enjoyed visiting the famous sites of Madrid, Segovia, Toledo, and the Camino de Santiago. During these experiences, I became closer to my host sister, her friends, and my new American friends. All the people I met during INESLE, including my friends, host family, teachers, and directors, were kind, caring, and understanding. I have never done anything like INESLE before, but my first experience was awesome and I will never forget it. It allowed me to grow as a person and expand my knowledge of other cultures and parts of the world. It is incredible that we have had this experience at a young age, and I am very grateful for it. Thank you so much to everyone for giving me this opportunity.
Bridget Kelley
Austin Prep (Reading, Massachusetts)
INESLE Madrid 2016 was an experience of a lifetime. Not only did I make lifelong friends, but I also learned a lot of Spanish. I am so happy I chose to do INESLE this summer because it helped me to step outside my comfort zone and do things I never thought I could do. I loved making new Spanish friends who I'm sure I'll stay in touch with for a long time. From the teachers to the monitors to the kids in the program I can't thank everyone enough for making it a summer I will never forget. After INESLE, I also hope to pursue a minor in Spanish in college. I would definitely recommend INESLE to my friends or to anyone because it was such a great experience.
Meaghan O'Brien
Austin Prep School (Reading, Massachusetts)
INESLE 2016 was one of the best experiences I've had in all my life. I will always remember INESLE forever. When I first arrived in Madrid I was really nervous because I didn't know my host family well but after the first day I felt like I had been living with them always. I felt like part of the family. INESLE helped me find new friends outside of America and helped me improve on my Spanish. Thank you INESLE for having such a great program and I hope to go again next year.
Gary Pare
St. Augustine School (Andover, Massachusetts)
I remember my first day in Spain: I was homesick, nervous to get to know my host family, and nervous to be speaking in Spanish. Throughout the month, however, my worries were alleviated. I began to feel like a real part of my host family. My Spanish sister is still one of my best friends to this day. Living with my host family, I learned so much about Spanish culture. I tried new foods (my favorite being 'tortilla de patatas'), listened to new music, and learned new dances. During this month, my Spanish improved greatly. I spoke Spanish with my host family and my new friends from Inesle. I also had the opportunity to practice my Spanish everyday during the 'one on ones' with the Spanish monitors. INESLE was an unforgettable experience. I am grateful that I spent my summer in Spain.
Rosie Poku
Phillips Academy, MA
Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity, I really enjoyed my time in Spain. INESLE 2015 was full of lasting memories that I hope I will never forget. When I first arrived in Spain I was immediately welcomed into my host family's house. My host sister told me all about their family and friends that I would be meeting and getting to know that month and the places we would be visiting. The first day of excursions, I was immediately greeted by a group of people that would soon become my great friends. As the month progressed I found myself laughing with everyone, as we told stories and took pictures together. The whole time with my host family was filled with smiles laughter as I giggled about shared secrets, bonded over how much we loved chocolate ice cream or sang our hearts out to songs in English and Spanish as we drove back from classes. INESLE was an immersion program in the best kind of way for me personally. By the end of the program I found myself playing charades with my host siblings and holding a new friend's hand as we started up the track of a rollercoaster, and talking with people that I never would have met.
Carolyn Girard
Phillips Exeter Academy, NH
In just one short month I was looking to absorb all Spain/ Madrid had to offer. INESLE aided me in achieving my goal in many ways. I grew confident in my linguistic abilities, was exposed and invited into a different culture, and traveled to various historic and modern sites. Through the full immersion into Spanish culture, I can honestly say I was able to accomplish everything I set out to do. My host family treated me as their own from the moment I arrived, and the Spanish kids were inviting and energetic. I left Spain with a new found love for Spanish music, “paraguayas”, and Choco Flakes. As soon as I got back to the United States I eagerly wanted to share with everyone my new favorite things. However, the day I arrived in America I left home to be a counselor at a sleep away soccer camp. Thus, I wasn’t able to share my experiences with my family and friends. But, I did find a way to spread my interest in Spanish music with the little girls I was counseling. The last day of the camp there was a talent show. The kids in my group eagerly ran up to me and told me they wanted to do a dance. I told them to pick a song on my phone, forgetting that I only had Spanish music. They didn’t care though. They played a Spanish song, began dancing, and loved it. The 4 days that followed consisted of Spanish music on replay the whole day and me translating the phrases in the songs they didn’t understand. I put this story in here because I want to stress that my life while at INESLE was not just dropped and forgotten upon leaving Spain. There are parts of me that have been greatly impacted by my experience in Spain, and I can’t wait to continue sharing these parts with my family and friends. I deeply thank you for opening my eyes to a new culture, and helping me grow as a student and as a person.
Antonnia Tammaro
Phillips Academy, MA
There are not enough words to describe how amazing my INESLE experience was. From spending time with my wonderful host family, to studying in intensive and engaging Spanish classes, to sightseeing around Madrid with my new Spanish and American friends - it is needless to say that INESLE provided me with the opportunity to experience Spain through the eyes of a globally-aware citizen. Through the Spanish classes I took in the INESLE program, I was able to improve my linguistic and comprehensive ability. The constructive feedback I received in class from my professors was constructive, and their passion for teaching inspired my own desire to learn. Additionally, the “one-on-one” conversations I had each day with my teachers contributed greatly to my ability to hold a profound and interesting conversation in Spanish. However, more importantly, these one-on-one conversations generated a confidence within myself to speak Spanish without the fear of making mistakes – an essential type of self-esteem that is necessary to have in order to succeed in any foreign language. On the afternoon excursions, I had the amazing opportunity to visit famous and historical sites in Madrid. Not only was I able to learn about the history of a city as beautiful as Madrid, but I was also able to experience Madrid as a local with the company of my new Spanish friends. Through these friendships, I began to realize certain cultural differences that exist between these two cultures. Thus, INESLE presented me with the invaluable opportunity to broaden my perspective on a more international level. I had such a phenomenal time in Madrid and I made so many amazing friends that I hope to keep in touch with in the future. I will never forget the wonderful memories I’ve made during my time in INESLE. Studying abroad in Spain was an experience that truly changed my life and I could not thank INESLE enough for all that it has given me.
Jennifer Lee
Phillips Academy, MA
INESLE has been a very eye-opening and enjoyable experience for me. I learned a lot about Spain as a whole because of INESLE’s lovely excursions. I learned many other things during my time in INESLE. I learned about the delicious food (especially the Spaniards love for ham), I learned about Spaniards daily lives, I learned how to conjugate verbs, I learned about important landmarks, and through these landmarks I learned about Spanish art such as paintings by Goya and Velazquez, and most importantly I learned about making friends from different cultural backgrounds. I am so thankful for INESLE because I made some of my closest friends, and even had the opportunity to reciprocate my host sister’s generosity in opening her house to me because this summer my host sister, Lucia, is coming to my home. Without INESLE I would never have met my crazy, funny, and sweet host sister. I am so glad that I came to INESLE 2015, and I cannot wait to come back for another educational and fun summer, next year!
Isabella Chambers
Brearley School, NY
INESLE fue una experiencia maravillosa en la que mi español ha mejorado en gran medida. ¡Gracias por un gran mes!
Cate O’Bryrne
Immaculate Conception Cathedral School - Lake Charles, LA
Firstly, thank you again for giving me the opportunity to participate in INESLE Madrid. Below I will briefly explain what the experience means to me. From living with a Spanish family, to attending classes with passionate and fun teachers, to sightseeing around Madrid with my American and Spanish friends - INESLE was a thorough emersion into the Spanish culture. INESLE presented me the opportunity to excel linguistically and grow as a person. Upon my arrival in Madrid, I immediately noticed the differences between Spanish and American cultures. But, by the end of the four weeks, I had grown accustomed to eating white bread with each meal and kissing each person I interacted with on the cheek two times. By constantly being surrounded by Spanish people in my house, classroom, and outside of school, I was always speaking in Spanish and gaining confidence in my linguistic ability. INESLE introduced me to amazing friends, both Spanish and American, that I hope to keep in touch with for many more years. I will never forget the great memories from my time in INESLE Madrid. Thank you again, truly, for all of the time and effort that you put into the INESLE program. I had an incredible experience and can't think of a better way to have spent the month of July.
Victoria Bergeron
Phillips Academy Andover
No hay bastantes palabras buenas para describir esta experiencia inolvidable. Para mí, el programa de INESLE 2014 era mucho más de lo que jamás imaginaba. Durante el curso de cuatro semanas, he tenido las oportunidades maravillosas de ser parte de una familia española y aprender sobre la cultura y la lengua. En todo el viaje, siempre me sentía a casa y me he encantado tener una segunda familia. A la casa está dónde he aprendido el más. Es verdaderamente el corazón de la vida española y nada puede reemplazar la experiencia de vivir con una familia anfitriona. Mi español y mis habilidades de hablar y entender han mejorado un montón. En adición, ahora tengo un acento castellano que nunca pensaba que tendría. No solo he aprendido sobre España, pero también he conocido a mucha gente excepcional que todavía estoy en contacto. Conocer a la gente de INESLE era mi parte favorita porque todos éramos de lugares distintos del mundo pero todos éramos muy cercas y siempre estábamos hablando o jugando juntos. Puedo decir honestamente que, he hecho amigos para la vida y que todos nos veremos en el futuro cerca. En conclusión, estoy muy contenta que decidí de ir a Madrid para el programa porque fue una de las experiencias mejores de mi vida y me gustaría que me pudiera haber quedado más tiempo. Otra vez, muchísimas gracias por todo vuestro amor y generosidad. Yo sé que es mucho trabajo abrir vuestra casa a una desconocida pero puedo decir que siempre me sentía a casa y siempre me ayudabais para acostumbrarme con la cultura y la lengua española. De verdad, puedo decir que he tenido la oportunidad de quedar con la familia mejora y con una hermana extraordinaria. Las cuatro semanas han pasado demasiado rápidas y os echo muchísimo de menos. Es increíble como un mes puede cambiar tu vida. Os invito para cenar con mi familia cuando venís a Andover en octubre y también quiero volver a Madrid para visitaros el verano que viene. ¡Espero de oír de vosotros pronto!
Laurie-Maude Chenard
Andover High School
"Para mí, INESLE fue algo inolvidable. Es una experiencia única y abrió un mundo completamente nuevo para mí. Me encantó todas las excursiones y los paseos fuera y dentro de Madrid. La cultura Española es única, y la única manera de aprender de ella es ir, y vivir como un Español."
Diego F. Chavez
Phillips Academy Andover
INESLE ha sido la experiencia de mi vida. La gente que conocí durante el programa y la oportunidad de vivir con una familia han sido impresionantes. La familia con que quedé durante este mes ahora es como mi familia verdadera! Seguimos en contacto ahora. Además, mi nivel de español ha subido muchísimo después de hablar solo en este idioma por un mes. Las clases "one-to-one" presentan la oportunidad de hablar con un joven en español en una forma relajada y abierta. Los monitores y mini-monitores nos corrigen y nos ayudan con la idioma, pero también son nuestros amigos y por eso, no sentía nerviosa hablar con ellos. Todo por todo, INESLE ha cambiado mi vida, y estoy segura de que seguiré hablando con mi familia española y los alumnos del programa por mucho tiempo!
Sara J. Luzuriaga
Phillips Academy Andover
INESLE no es solamente un instituto para aprender español. Es un lugar para hacer nuevas amistades y aprender sobre una cultura diferente que de nosotros. El mes que pasamos en España fue un mes inolvidable. No quería tener pasado mi verano de cualquier otra manera. Hicimos muchas cosas divertidos con nuevos amigos que voy a recordar por mucho tiempo. Cuando llegué en Madrid, yo no conocía nadie. Estaba sola en un país nuevo. Pero en el primer día de clase, hablé con muchas personas nuevas que no conocía y luego tenía amigos. Y en el final del programa, salí con muchas nuevas amistades con los americanos y con los españoles. Y también tuve una familia fenomenal. Me sentía como otra hija en su casa. Siempre tendré una casa en Madrid con mi familia anfitriona. En el fin del mes, todos éramos amigos. Fue muy triste para despedirnos en el último día pero sé que voy a reencontrar todos una otra vez en el futuro. INESLE fue una experiencia increíble que me ayudó a conocer un lugar maravilloso. Ahora, siempre voy a tener muchos amigos en Madrid para cuando yo vuelva. Muchísimas gracias por este gran mes.
Ana Carolina Figuereido
Noorwood High School
Para mí, INESLE era una experiencia increíble. Hice muchos amigos nuevos y sé que voy a mantener el contacto con ellos durante mucho tiempo, incluyendo mi familia anfitriona. Mi familia anfitriona era muy simpática y me ayudó a mejorar mi español. Espero que pueda visitarlos un día si vuelvo a España. Mi actividad favorita durante todo de INESLE era el Camino de Santiago. Tuve la oportunidad para conocer mucha gente Española y Americana. La sensación cuando todo el mundo caminaron a través del arco era una sensación increíble y nunca lo olvidaré. Tener la capacidad para pasar todo el tiempo con toda la gente de INESLE para tres días era una experiencia que nunca tendré otra vez. INESLE era la mejor manera de pasar mi verano. No es como un programa típico del verano porque la gente es a diferencia de cualquier otro grupo de personas que he conocido. Todo el mundo eran amigos y quería mejorar su español. Ahora, mi español es mucho mejor, y sé que si no participé en INESLE, mi español no sería tan bueno como lo es ahora. ¡No me puedo imaginar un verano más increíble que este verano con INESLE!
Delanie Sawyer
Andover High School
Para mí, INESLE Madrid no era sólo un programa que me ayudó mejorar mi español, sino también un programa que transformó Madrid de una ciudad desconocida en una ciudad que mantiene muchos de mis recuerdos. Ahora yo hablo español mucho más mejor y mucho más fluida que cuando llegué a Madrid. También he aprendido más sobre España en estas tres semanas de lo que podía aprender en un clase de español en un año. Ahora, yo sé no sólo como hablar español sino también como vivir como un español. INESLE Madrid me ha dado una experiencia muy valiosa. Nunca olvidaré el verano del dos mil trece con Madrid. Siempre recordaré las nuevas amistades que he creado con americanos y españoles, las nuevas cosas sobre español y la cultura de España que he aprendido, mi familia anfitriona que hizo Madrid mi hogar lejos de casa para tres semanas y los directores, monitores y profesores porque sin ellos esta programa no habría sido posible. Siempre apreciaré las risas y los recuerdos que he llevado conmigo. INESLE Madrid me ha introducido a esta magnífica ciudad y no tengo una duda que vaya volver a Madrid.
(Español) Scarla Pan
Mi cita: Tuve un buen experiencia en Madrid este verano. Era difícil para mi sin mi familia para tres semanas, pero tuve un círculo de amigos muy fenomenal para ayudarme. Pienso que el aspecto más importante de INESLE era la comunicación en Español, para todos los minutos. Durante el Camino, Toledo, El Escorial, y los museos, mi español estaba mejorando sin dar cuenta. La comunicación en Español me enseño las diferencias de las palabras en América Central y España. Por ejemplo, la palabra 'refrigerador' en América Central es 'refri', pero en España, la palabra es nevera. Encontré muchos amigos para siempre en Madrid, y con mis dificultades sin mi familia, no quiera cambiar nada de mi experiencia. GRACIAS POR ESTE OPURTUNIDAD FENOMENAL. OHHH AHHH EHHH INESLE!
Felipe Chamón
After hearing many great things about the INESLE summer program, I knew that this was how I wanted to spend the first three weeks of my summer. My Spanish has improved a drastic amount after spendings mornings in the classrooms and afternoons filled with fun activities exploring the wonderful city of Madrid. My confidence in speaking the language has sky rocketed and my listening skills as well. But my improvement of my Spanish is not the only thing I will treasure from this trip; the incredible friendships I have made with both people from the United States and Spain made everything worthwhile for me. I consider my host family like my second family now and couldn’t have asked for a better experience. I am very confident that this was not the last time I will see all these amazing people. Hiking the Camino de Santiago with all my new friends was an amazing experience, and arriving in Santiago to see the huge cathedral was breathtaking. The complete immersion of the program made it easy for my Spanish to improve at a rapid rate, and I don’t have enough good things to say about it!
(Español) Elli Mapstone
For me, INESLE Madrid has been an unforgettable experience. Upon arrival, I was immediately fascinated by the vibrant culture of Spain that INESLE introduced me to. Learning Spanish in such an intimate environment allowed me to explore this new culture. Our morning classes, for me, were not the traditional classes that I expected them to be. Instead, they were great insights on the amazing culture around me. I found it very helpful that our classes were closely correlated to the sights that we visited during the day. However, like I’ve said before, the host family aspect of INESLE has been the most important part of my time in Spain. During these weeks, I’ve felt as part of the family, which is an experience that most students of a foreign culture will never experience. My time with my host family has shown to make a significant influence on not only my Spanish but also my knowledge of the culture behind my Spanish. More importantly, I have made lifelong friends on the other side of the world that I would’ve never met without INESLE. As a whole, INESLE is a community of amazing people who are all proud of their wonderful culture and are excited to share it. I could not imagine a better way to spend my summer than with INESLE!
Elijah Jackson
INESLE was the best way I could spend my summer. The three weeks flew by, because every day was filled with activities. Whether it was exploring Toledo, touring the Real Madrid stadium, or learning about Spain's rich culture in the Museo del Prado and Reina Sofia, there was always something new to look forward to and learn about. Supplemented by a variety of classes in the morning, my Spanish improved so much in those three weeks. I became such great friends with the Spaniards on the program, and we've talked almost daily since the program finished. My host family welcomed me into their home right away, and by the first night I was already dancing with my host siblings and laughing at all their jokes. It was great to live in a complex with so many other people from the program. We would hang out by the pool every night and on the weekends, and we all became great friends. The Camino de Santiago brought us all closer, and it's probably my favorite memory of the trip. At the end of each day, we would all sit in a circle and play guitar and sing both Spanish and American songs. INESLE opened up my eyes to beautiful Spain and its wonderful people. I wouldn't trade my experience in Madrid for anything - I gained skill in the language, friendships that mean so much to me, and a complete appreciation of a culture so different from my own.
Isabella Haegg
I knew that when I signed up for INESLE that I would be committing myself to learning Spanish intensely for three weeks, but what I didn't know how utterly life-changing this program would be. The places we visited were stunning, such as Toledo and Santiago de Compostela, and my Spanish rapidly improved. However, without the companionship of my amazing new friends, none of this would have mattered. During my three weeks in this program, I have made unbreakable friendships with people from the United States but also across the Atlantic in Spain. The memories, laughs, and smiles that the group shared quickly bonded us into a family. The whole trip we never wanted to be without one person. We wanted to stay together as a whole, as a family. The final days were tough, filled with tears and kisses, but we all promised each other that this would not be the last time we see each other. Without INESLE, all of these friendships would never have formed, and it would have been just a regular summer. But with INESLE, it was an unforgettable adventure.
(Español) Stephanie Nekoroski
My stay in Madrid with INESLE changed my life. The multitude of new experiences I shared with incredible people opened my eyes to another culture in a profound way, in a relatively short period of time. The program is very well organized, and jam-packed with opportunities to get to know Spain. My Spanish improved dramatically, but most importantly, I made life long friends and developed a fresh mentality that I can only credit to my experiences in Spain. ¡Viva España!
(Español) Alexandra Donovan
INESLE helped me grow and learn both as a Spanish student and as a individual who strives to learn as much about the world as he can. My favorite aspect of the trip was living with my host family. I will cherish my new friendships and memories for the remainder of my life.
(Español) Hirsch Chitkara
INESLE has given me three of the most valuable and treasured weeks of my life. My Spanish improved dramatically and I now have a fluency and vocabulary that can only be gained by the total immersion this program offers. The academic program was interesting and engaging and I learned a great deal about Spanish history, art, grammar, communications, and culture while improving my listening skills. The afternoon excursions were well planned and offered a perfect mixture of Spanish culture and fun. I was warmly embraced by my host family and I know I will always be welcome in their home as a member of the household. I enjoyed friendships with both the American students and the exceptional Spanish hosts, and hope to maintain these special relationships for many years to come. I cannot fully express my gratitude for the wonderful teachers, monitors, and directors of the INESLE program. Most importantly, this program has given me confidence in my speaking ability but also in my interactions with everyone that I meet. I highly recommend this program to students with a strong desire to study Spanish and 'vive la vida española’.
(Español) Catherine Haut
My host family was absolutely incredible. Staying with them was the highlight of the trip. Davis.
(Español) Davis Rogers
INESLE gave me the opportunity to try new things, make new friends, and it gave me a second family.
(Español) Marcela Martinez
The INESLE program was a success for me. Even though it only lasted three weeks, I can definitely tell that I have improved my Spanish. When I would go to bed at night, I would find myself thinking in Spanish. In addition to improving my Spanish, I also had a fun time! My host family was very helpful, supporting, and fun, and I have made friends through the program that I will always remember fondly. I am so glad that I chose to go on this program. El programa INESLE tenía éxito para mí. Aunque sólo duró por tres semanas, estoy segura de que yo he mejorado. Cuando me iba a dormir cada noche, estaba pensando en Español. Además de mejorar al Español, ¡yo tenía un rato muy divertido! La familia anfitriona era útil, de apoyo, y divertida, y he hecho amigos que voy a recordar amablemente. Estoy contenta de que había elegido este programa.
(Español) Alexandra L. Decker
Este verano he disfrutado durante 3 semanas de las actividades ofrecidas por INESLE Madrid, lo que me ha permitido conocer personas fantásticas de las que han salido grandes amistades, tanto americanas como españolas. Hemos compartido interesantes actividades culturales que me han permitido redescubrir Madrid y alrededores, divertidos juegos y actividades deportivas. Hemos disfrutado de grandes e inolvidables experiencias vividas durante el Camino de Santiago y sobre todo de grandes momentos de risas y fiestas… Es una actividad con la que me gustaría contar siempre que sea posible.
(Español) Álvaro Morales
“Para mí, INESLE Madrid, me ha ofrecido la oportunidad de tener a una estudiante americana en casa, pero no sólo eso. Para mí, Jada ha sido como una hermana más en la familia. Hemos hecho juntas mil cosas, desde ir de compras o a la piscina, a comer con mis amigas, cuidar de mis primos pequeños, pintarnos las uñas y ver películas o compartir gustos musicales. Estoy muy contenta esta experiencia, porque nos ha ayudado a todos a comprender otra cultura y a abrirnos a los demás.”
(Español) Marta Morales
"Estos veintidós días han pasado a una velocidad increíble. Dicen que cuando disfrutas el tiempo pasa rápido, y en ésta ocasión el tiempo ha ido más que rápido. Los dias han sido horas, las horas minutos y los minutos segundos. Pero a pesar de la velocidad, INESLE nos ha dado la oportunidad de quedarnos con unos preciosos recuerdos. Unos recuerdos llenos de sonrisas, nombres, excursiones y momentos muy intensos. Pero sobretodo, INESLE, nos ha dado la oportunidad de conocer magnificas personas imposibles de olvidar, tanto personas de otro país y otras costumbre cómo personas de nuestro mismo país."
(Español) Lucía Cano
Para mí, participar en éste programa como hijo anfitrión español ha significado mucho: Además de compartir mi casa, mis cosas, mis costumbres, mi cultura y mi tiempo con un amigo americano, he ampliado mi grupo de amigos con todos los anfitriones españoles y los alumnos americanos. Destaco cómo un gran momento de unión, diversión y reflexión los días compartidos en el Camino de Santiago. Recordaré estos días con alegría y me encantaría poder repetir la experiencia.
(Español) Luis Fernández-Vitorio

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