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Carlos Aguado San José. Director

Graduated in Economics and Business Administration, specializing in Economic Development and International Economics at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Also Diploma in Foreign Trade from Madrid Chamber of Commerce. Postgraduate studies at Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts, as well as at Merrimack College, North Andover, Massachusetts. He has a Masters in Business Administration and Management – Executive MBA – from EOI Escuela de Organización Industrial in Madrid.

Carlos began his career at City Hall in his hometown where he headed up the Youth Advisory Service. He has over 25 years international experience in marketing and sales within multinationals in both B2B businesses and SMEs, managing the marketing and developing different markets in countries across the Americas, Africa and Europe.

A common strand throughout his career in economics and business has been his continued involvement in the field of education. In 1993, during his stay in America, Carlos was the Activities Supervisor in the Phillips Academy Community Center in Andover, Massachusetts. In 1994-95, he taught at the prestigious Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire. During these two years, he also gave private Spanish lessons to students of Phillips Exeter Academy in Exeter, New Hampshire.

Back in Spain, Carlos continued his teaching career. He was Professor of Marketing and Human Resources at ISFE-Training Institute of Business and the College of Business Know-How in Burgos. He was also responsible for administrative and organizational issues in the Spanish Institute of Modern Languages, Burgos from 2004 to 2011.

In addition to his activities as Director of INESLE Education, Carlos currently teaches Economics to 15-17 year olds in secondary education, and to postgraduates at ESERP Business School.

Myriam Medrano Pascual. Director

Bachelor of Arts in Geography and History from the University of Valladolid. Participated in doctoral courses in Social Sciences and Education, completing her academic education with the prestigious Management of Education Centres program at the Centro Universitario de Villanueva de Madrid (Universidad Complutense de Madrid).

Myriam’s love for the field of education began at 18, when she began running summer camps. She continued, running many, over the next 8 years.

Since 1988, she has developed her work as a teacher at all educational levels – University, High School, Secondary, Primary and Adult. In 1999 she was named Director of two university residences in the city of Burgos. At an international level, Myriam has coordinated the European Erasmus and Tempus Programmes at various European universities.

Her stay in the United States marked a turning point in her career. She taught for 6 years at Phillips Exeter Academy, New Hampshire and Phillips Academy in Andover, Massachusetts, prestigious boarding schools. This experience, coupled with her coordination of student exchanges with British and American schools, has equipped Myriam with the ideal educational experience for creating INESLE Madrid, where she combines it with high quality teaching of Spanish to foreigners.

During her career in education Myriam has undertaken a wide variety of other activities. At Holy Cross and Boston College (USA) she lectured on education issues in Spain. She has presented several projects concerned with social science education at elementary and secondary education levels in Spain at various conferences. She has also had several pieces published on the subject of the Geography and History curricula.

In 2004, Myriam was a founding director of INESBU Institute, Spanish Institute of Burgos. From 2007 to 2015 she coordinated the international programs for Spanish students at Fomento de Centros de Enseñanza (Madrid).

Since 2007, she has been the coordinator of the prestigious Kemper scholarship which is awarded to a Spanish student each year by the Phillips Academy, Andover, Massachusetts. Complementing her activities at INESLE Education, Myriam currently teaches at Centro Universitario Villanueva-Universidad Complutense de Madrid.

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