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INESLE Madrid is an educational center for Spanish language and cultural studies. We have been organizing immersion programs in Spain for 13 to 18 year old students from around the world for over years.

Experiencing Spanish culture is a big part of our summer programs, ensuring that students are fully immersed in the values of Spanish life and culture.

Summer programs in Madrid

Key features of our programs include:

– Grouping of students based upon their Spanish language abilities.
– Small class sizes.
– Classes are delivered in Spanish from start to finish, ensuring full immersion in the language.
– Focus on improving core skills: speaking, writing, reading and listening comprehension.
– Getting to know Spanish culture with courses in Literature, History, Art, Geography, Social Studies, Economics and Music.
– Trips and excursions that will bring alive Spain’s rich historical and artistic heritage.
– Hosted Stay with pre-vetted Spanish families in Madrid.
– Children of host families participate in cultural activities with our students, helping to forge long-lasting friendships that bridge their cultures.

4 reasons to choose INESLE Madrid

1. Tailor-made Spanish programs

The programs we provide at INESLE Madrid are designed for students between 13 and 18 years of age. Your personal program will be tailor-made to suit you, taking into account your academic level and maturity. You’ll certainly improve your language skills. But you’ll also enjoy an incredible experience, sampling Spanish life and our rich and varied culture first-hand.

Each program includes classes in Language, Literature, Art, Spanish music, Communication, History and Geography. And everything you learn in the classroom will be brought alive with afternoon excursions and visits to places of interest that we have organized for you.

All of your classes will be given entirely in Spanish – you’ll be amazed how effectively this helps your learning of the Spanish language.

And, of course, you can count on the support and encouragement of our specialized teachers throughout your stay, to help you to get the most from your time in Spain.

2. Stay with a welcoming and caring Spanish family

If you join our program, you’ll stay with a Spanish family that we has gone through a rigorous and demanding selection process. Living with a Spanish family, you’ll have the ideal opportunity to practice the Spanish you learn in the classes. All the while, you’ll be having fun discovering what everyday life is like in a different country with its own incredible culture, living like a Spaniard.

3. Discover Madrid – Modern capital, ancient history

Join our program and enjoy everything this modern, bustling city has to offer – unequalled leisure activities, a rich and varied culture and world-class sports.

4. Because we’re thinking of you

We want every moment of your stay to be enjoyable and beneficial. When you first arrive, we’ll meet with you and ask you to take a written and oral exam. This will allow us to work out your level of Spanish and to tailor your program to your specific needs.

Two days into the course, we’ll meet with you again to make sure you’re doing fine and that you’re happy with the level of Spanish in your class.

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