Spanish Summer Program in SPAIN (Madrid)


Our 2024 next summer program will be held in Madrid in June-July. Take a look at the detailed program below. You can apply now to join the program!

You can download the 2024 description program brochure (pdf file).

1. General Program – Daily

2. Program detail

General information

      Dates:                  June 22nd-July 21st , 2024
      Place:                  Madrid, Spain
      Organization:  INESLE Madrid, Instituto de Español
      Objectives:        Complete immersion in Spanish language and culture
      Housing:            Families in Madrid
      Price:                   5,150 euros*

* Includes all course fees and travel, except for maintenance during the three-day tour of the Camino de Santiago. Does not include air transportation.

Program description

      –   Students will be placed in the classes best suited to their level of Spanish.
      –   Classes will be held entirely in Spanish to ensure complete immersion.
      –   The program will focus on the four key skills: oral and written expression, and reading and listening comprehension
      –   The program includes short courses on cultural issues: Cooking, Spanish Grammar, Literature, History, Art and Geography, Social Studies and Music, all of which are closely related to the visits and evening activities.
      –   Classes will be held every day, Monday through Friday, apart from days scheduled for hiking.


  •       –  From 9 a.m. until 1:30 p.m.: Classes
  •       –  From 1:30 p.m. until 7 p.m.: Lunch and cultural, recreational and sports activities

On Saturdays and Sundays students remain with their Spanish families.

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